Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook by Stephen Fry

Mrs. Weasley pointed her wand at George’s pocket and said, “Accio!”

a few small, brightly coloured objects zoomed out of George’s pocket; he made a take hold of for them however ignored, and they sped right into Mrs. Weasley’s outstretched hand.

“We told you to smash them!” said Mrs. Weasley furiously, holding up what have been unmistakably extra Ton­Tongue Toffees. “We advised you to do away with the lot!

Empty your pockets, go on, both of you!”

It was once an unpleasant scene; the twins had certainly been seeking to smuggle as many toffees out of the residence as feasible, and it was handiest by making use of her Summoning attraction that Mrs. Weasley managed to search out them all.

“Accio! Accio! Accio!” she shouted, and toffees zoomed from all different types of not likely places, together with the lining of George’s jacket and the turn­united statesof Fred’s jeans.

“We spent six months developing those!” Fred shouted at his mother as she threw the toffees away.

“Oh a quality technique to spend six months!” she shrieked. “No surprise you didn’t get more O.W.L.S!”

All in all, the surroundings was once not very pleasant as they took their departure. Mrs.

Weasley used to be still glowering as she kissed Mr. Weasley on the cheek, although now not close to as so much because the twins, who had each hoisted their rucksacks onto their backs and walked out with out a word to her.

“good, have a beautiful time,” stated Mrs. Weasley, “and behave yourselves,” she called after the twins’ retreating backs, however they didn’t appear again or answer. “i’m going to send invoice, Charlie, and Percy along round midday,” Mrs. Weasley stated to Mr.

Weasley, as he, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny activate across the dark yard after Fred and George.

It used to be chilly and the moon used to be still out. Only a dull, greenish tinge along the horizon to their proper showed that dawn was once drawing closer. Harry, having been fascinated with 1000s of wizards dashing toward the Quidditch World Cup, sped up to stroll with Mr. Weasley.

“So how does each person get there without all the Muggles noticing?” he asked.

“it is been a enormous organizational problem,” sighed Mr. Weasley. “The obstacle is, a few hundred thousand wizards turn up at the World Cup, and of direction, we simply haven’t received a magical web site massive sufficient to accommodate them all. There are places Muggles are not able to penetrate, but suppose trying to percent a hundred thousand wizards into Diagon Alley or platform nine and three­quarters. So we needed to discover a first-rate deserted moor, and established as many anti­Muggle precautions as feasible. The entire Ministry’s been engaged on it for months. First, of course, we ought to stagger the arrivals. Persons with more cost effective tickets have got to arrive two weeks previously. A restrained number use Muggle transport, however we cannot have too many clogging up their buses and trains ­ don’t forget, wizards are coming from in every single place the world.

Some Apparate, of course, but we need to set up dependable points for them to show up, well faraway from Muggles. I consider there is a helpful wooden they’re using as the Apparition point. For individuals who do not need to Apparate, or can’t, we use Portkeys.

They’re objects which are used to move wizards from one spot to an extra at a prearranged time. You can do giant corporations at a time for those who ought to. There were two hundred Portkeys placed at strategic facets around Britain, and the nearest one to us is up on the top of Stoatshead Hill, so that’s the place we’re headed.”

Mr. Weasley pointed forward of them, where a colossal black mass rose past the village of Ottery St. Catchpole.

“What style of objects are Portkeys?” mentioned Harry curiously.

“well, they are able to be some thing,” said Mr. Weasley. “Unobtrusive things, surely, so Muggles don’t go opting for them up and taking part in with them … Stuff they are going to just believe is litter….”

They trudged down the darkish, dank lane towards the village, the silence broken most effective by using their footsteps. The sky lightened very slowly as they made their manner through the village, its inky blackness diluting to deepest blue. Harry’s palms and toes had been freezing. Mr. Weasley stored checking his watch.

They didn’t have breath to spare for talking as they began to climb Stoatshead Hill, stumbling on occasion in hidden rabbit holes, slipping on thick black tuffets of grass. Each breath Harry took used to be sharp in his chest and his legs have been beginning to grab up when, at last, his feet determined stage ground.

“Whew,” panted Mr. Weasley, taking off his glasses and wiping them on his sweater. “well, we now have made excellent time ­ we have received ten minutes.”

Hermione came to visit the crest of the hill final, clutching a stitch in her facet.

“Now we simply need the Portkey,” stated Mr. Weasley, replacing his glasses and squinting around at the floor. “It is not going to be tremendous…. Come on…”

They spread out, browsing. They’d only been at it for a couple of minutes, however, when a shout hire the still air.

“Over right here, Arthur! Over here, son, we have obtained it.”

Two tall figures were silhouetted against the starry sky on the opposite aspect of the hilltop.

“Amos!” stated Mr. Weasley, smiling as he strode over to the man who had shouted.

The rest of them followed.

Mr. Weasley used to be shaking hands with a ruddy­faced wizard with a scrubby brown beard, who used to be retaining a moldy­looking historical boot in his other hand.

“this is Amos Diggory, everybody,” mentioned Mr. Weasley. “He works for the department for the law and manage of Magical Creatures. And i suppose his son, Cedric?”

Cedric Diggory used to be an tremendously good-looking boy of around seventeen. He was once Captain and Seeker of the Hufflepuff house Quidditch staff at Hogwarts.

“hi,” said Cedric, watching around at them all.

Everybody stated hi back besides Fred and George, who only nodded. They’d by no means quite forgiven Cedric for beating their workforce, Gryffindor, in the first Quidditch in shape of the earlier yr.

“lengthy walk, Arthur?” Cedric’s father requested. “not too bad,” mentioned Mr. Weasley. “We are living simply on the other part of the village there. You?”

“had to rise up at two, failed to we, Ced? I tell you, i’ll be pleased when he’s obtained his Apparition scan. Nonetheless … No longer complaining … Quidditch World Cup, would not leave out it for a sackful of Galleons ­ and the tickets fee about that. Mind you, looks like I obtained off handy. . . .” Amos Diggory peered good­naturedly around at the three Weasley boys, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny. “All these yours, Arthur?”

“Oh no, best the redheads,” said Mr. Weasley, declaring his kids. “this is Hermione, pal of Ron’s ­ and Harry, an extra friend ­”

“Merlin’s beard,” mentioned Amos Diggory, his eyes widening. “Harry? Harry Potter?”

“Er ­ yeah,” mentioned Harry.

Harry was used to individuals watching curiously at him after they met him, used to the best way their eyes moved without delay to the lightning scar on his forehead, but it always made him suppose uncomfortable.

“Ced’s pointed out you, of path,” mentioned Amos Diggory. “advised us all about playing against you final yr… I mentioned to him, I said ­ Ced, that’ll be something to tell your grandchildren, with the intention to…. You beat Harry Potter!”

Harry couldn’t consider of any reply to this, so he remained silent. Fred and George had been each scowling once more. Cedric looked relatively embarrassed.

“Harry fell off his broom, Dad,” he muttered. I informed you … It was an accident….”

“sure, but you did not fall off, did you?” roared Amos genially, slapping his son on his again. “continually modest, our Ced, continually the gentleman … However the excellent man won, i am sure Harry’d say the same, wouldn’t you, eh? One falls off his broom, one stays on, you don’t ought to be a genius to tell which one’s the simpler flier!”

“ought to be almost time,” said Mr. Weasley swiftly, pulling out his watch once more. “have you learnt whether or not we’re waiting for any longer, Amos?”

“No, the Lovegoods were there for every week already and the Fawcetts couldn’t get tickets,” mentioned Mr. Diggory. “There are not to any extent further of us in this field, are there?”

“not that i know of,” stated Mr. Weasley. “yes, it’s a minute off … We might higher get competent….”

He appeared around at Harry and Hermione.

“You simply have got to touch the Portkey, that is all, a finger will do ­”

With trouble, as a result of their cumbersome backpacks, the 9 of them crowded around the historical boot held out by way of Amos Diggory.

All of them stood there, in a good circle, as a chill breeze swept over the hilltop.

Nobody spoke. It suddenly occurred to Harry how ordinary this would look if a Muggle were to stroll up right here now … 9 humans, two of them grown men, clutching this manky ancient boot within the semidarkness, ready….

“Three. . .” muttered Mr. Weasley, one eye nonetheless on his watch, two. . . One. . .”

It happened right away: Harry felt as if a hook just behind his navel had been out of the blue jerked irresistibly forward. His ft left the bottom; he could believe Ron and Hermione on both aspect of him, their shoulders banging into his; they had been all rushing ahead in a howl of wind and swirling color; his forefinger used to be caught to the boot as though it was pulling him magnetically onward after which ­ His toes slammed into the ground; Ron staggered into him and he fell over; the Portkey hit the bottom close his head with a heavy thud.

Harry appeared up. Mr. Weasley, Mr. Diggory, and Cedric had been still standing, though looking very windswept; every person else used to be on the ground.

“Seven prior 5 from Stoatshead Hill,” mentioned a voice.


Harry disentangled himself from Ron and got to his feet. That they had arrived on what looked to be a deserted stretch of misty moor. In front of them used to be a pair of tired and grumpy­watching wizards, one in every of whom was keeping a giant gold watch, the other a thick roll of parchment and a quill. Each were dressed as Muggles, though very inexpertly: the man with the watch wore a tweed swimsuit with thigh­ size galoshes; his colleague, a kilt and a poncho.

“Morning, Basil,” stated Mr. Weasley, opting for up the boot and handing it to the kilted wizard, who threw it into a big box of used Portkeys beside him; Harry would see an ancient newspaper, an empty drinks can, and a punctured football.

“whats up there, Arthur,” mentioned Basil wearily. “no longer on responsibility, eh? It is all right for some…. We have now been right here all night time…. You’ll higher get out of the best way, we’ve received a significant social gathering coming in from the Black woodland at five fifteen. Hang on, i will in finding your campsite…. Weasley … Weasley….” He consulted his parchment list. “a couple of quarter of a mile’s stroll over there, first subject you come to. Web site supervisor’s known as Mr. Roberts. Diggory … 2nd field … Ask for Mr. Payne.”

“Thanks, Basil,” mentioned Mr. Weasley, and he beckoned every person to follow him.

They prompt across the deserted moor, unable to make out so much by way of the mist.

After about twenty minutes, a small stone cottage subsequent to a gate swam into view.

Past it, Harry could simply make out the ghostly shapes of thousands and enormous quantities of tents, rising up the smooth slope of a significant discipline towards a dismal timber on the horizon. They stated just right­bye to the Diggorys and approached the cottage door.

A man was standing within the doorway, watching out on the tents. Harry knew at a look that this was the only actual Muggle for several acres. When he heard their footsteps, he grew to become his head to appear at them.

“Morning!” said Mr. Weasley brightly.

“Morning,” mentioned the Muggle.

“Would you be Mr. Roberts?”

“Aye, i would,” said Mr. Roberts. “And who’re you?”

“Weasley ­ two tents, Audiobook (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire audio book online)ed a few days in the past?”

“Aye,” mentioned Mr. Roberts, consulting a record tacked to the door. “you’ve gotten acquired an area up by the wooden there. Simply the one night?”

“that’s it,” stated Mr. Weasley.

“you can be paying now, then?” said Mr. Roberts.

“Ah ­ correct ­ surely ­” mentioned Mr. Weasley. He retreated a short distance from the cottage and beckoned Harry towards him. “help me, Harry,” he muttered, pulling a roll of Muggle cash from his pocket and starting to peel the notes apart. “This one’s a ­ a ­ a ten? Ah yes, I see the little quantity on it now… So this is a five?”

“A twenty,” Harry corrected him in an undertone, uncomfortably mindful of Mr.

Roberts looking to catch every word.

“Ah yes, so it is…. I have no idea, these little bits of paper…”

“You overseas?” said Mr. Roberts as Mr. Weasley again with the right notes.

“overseas?” repeated Mr. Weasley, puzzled.

“you are now not the first one who’s had crisis with money,” said Mr. Roberts, scrutinizing Mr. Weasley carefully. “I had two try and pay me with exceptional gold coins the scale of hubcaps ten minutes ago.”

“Did you fairly?” said Mr. Weasley nervously.

Mr. Roberts rummaged around in a tin for some trade.

“Is that proper?” said Mr. Weasley, his hand-held out for his alternate, however Mr.

Roberts failed to provide it to him.

“Aye,” he stated thoughtfully. “individuals from everywhere. A lot of foreigners. And not simply foreigners. Weirdos, you recognize? There’s a bloke walking ’round in a kilt and a poncho.”

“mustn’t he?” stated Mr. Weasley anxiously “it’s like some type of… I dunno … Like some sort of rally,” stated Mr. Roberts. “all of them appear to understand each other. Like a tremendous celebration.”

At that second, a wizard in plus­fours regarded out of skinny air next to Mr.

Roberts’s entrance door.

“Obliviate!” he stated sharply, pointing his wand at Mr. Roberts.

Instantly, Mr. Roberts’s eyes slid out of focal point, his brows unknitted, and a took of dreamy unconcern fell over his face. Harry famous the symptoms of one who had simply had his reminiscence modified.

“A map of the campsite for you,” Mr. Roberts mentioned placidly to Mr. Weasley. “And your trade.”

“Thanks very much,” mentioned Mr. Weasley.

The wizard in plus­fours accompanied them toward the gate to the campsite. He

looked exhausted: His chin was blue with stubble and there have been deep red shadows below his eyes. Once out of earshot of Mr. Roberts, he muttered to Mr.

Weasley, “Been having a lot of situation with him. Needs a memory appeal ten occasions a day to hold him glad. And Ludo Bagman’s now not helping. Trotting round speakme about Bludgers and Quaffles on the high of his voice, not a worry about anti­ Muggle safety Blimey, i will be pleased when this is over. So long, Arthur.”

He Disapparated.

“I inspiration Mr. Bagman was Head of Magical video games and sports,” stated Ginny, looking amazed. “He must be aware of better than to speak about Bludgers near Muggles, mustn’t he?”

“He will have to,” said Mr. Weasley, smiling, and leading them by way of the gates into the campsite, “however Ludo’s at all times been a little … Well . . . Lax about safety. You could not want for a extra enthusiastic head of the sporting activities department though. He performed Quidditch for England himself, you realize. And he used to be the excellent Beater the Wimbourne Wasps ever had.”

They trudged up the misty discipline between lengthy rows of tents. Most seemed just about ordinary; their owners had certainly tried to make them as Muggle­like as possible, however had slipped up by using including chimneys, or bellpulls, or climate vanes. Nonetheless, here and there was once a tent so obviously magical that Harry would rarely be amazed that Mr. Roberts was once getting suspicious. Midway up the area stood an extravagant confection of striped silk like a miniature palace, with a number of live peacocks tethered on the entrance. A little farther on they handed a tent that had three floors and a couple of turrets; and a brief method beyond that was a tent that had a entrance garden hooked up, whole with birdbath, sundial, and fountain.

“normally the equal,” stated Mr. Weasley, smiling. “We cannot withstand showing off when we party. Ah, here we’re, appear, that is us.”

that they had reached the very fringe of the wooden on the prime of the subject, and here was an empty area, with a small signal hammered into the ground that read WEEZLY.

“could not have a greater spot!” mentioned Mr. Weasley fortunately. “The subject is simply on the opposite part of the wooden there, we’re as close as we might be.” He hoisted his backpack from his shoulders. “right,” he stated excitedly, “no magic allowed, strictly talking, now not once we’re out in these numbers on Muggle land. We will be placing these tents up via hand! Is just not too difficult…. Muggles do it all the time…. Here, Harry, the place do you reckon we will have to ?”

Harry had certainly not been camping in his life; the Dursleys had under no circumstances taken him on any form of excursion, preferring to leave him with Mrs. Figg, an historic neighbor.

Nevertheless, he and Hermione labored out where most of the poles and pegs must go, and though Mr. Weasley was once extra of a difficulty than a support, on the grounds that he received thoroughly overexcited when it came to using the mallet, they eventually managed to erect a pair of shabby two­man tents.

All of them stood back to admire their handiwork. No one watching at these tents would guess they belonged to wizards, Harry thought, however the obstacle was once that once invoice, Charlie, and Percy arrived, they might be a social gathering of ten. Hermione seemed to have noticed this main issue too; she gave Harry a quizzical seem as Mr.

Weasley dropped to his palms and knees and entered the primary tent.

“we are going to be slightly cramped,” he referred to as, “however I think we will all squeeze in. Come and have a appear.”

Harry bent down, ducked underneath the tent flap, and felt his jaw drop. He had walked into what appeared like an historical­fashioned, three room flat, complete with rest room and kitchen. Oddly sufficient, it used to be furnished in exactly the identical sort of style as Mrs. Figg’s residence: there were crocheted covers on the mismatched chairs and a robust scent of cats.

“good, it can be now not for long,” stated Mr. Weasley, mopping his bald patch with a handkerchief and peering in on the 4 bunk beds that stood in the bedroom. I borrowed this from Perkins at the place of work. Would not camp much anymore, poor fellow, he is bought lumbago.”

He picked up the dusty kettle and peered inside of it. “we will want water….

“there may be a faucet marked on this map the Muggle gave us,” mentioned Ron, who had adopted Harry within the tent and seemed entirely unimpressed by using its individual internal proportions. “it can be on the other side of the subject.”

“good, why don’t you, Harry, and Hermione go and get us some water then” ­ Mr.

Weasley passed over the kettle and a couple of saucepans ­ “and the relaxation of us will get some wood for a fire?”

“but we have obtained an oven,” mentioned Ron. “Why are not able to we just ­”

“Ron, anti­Muggle security!” said Mr. Weasley, his face shining with anticipation.

“When actual Muggles camp, they prepare dinner on fires open air. I’ve seen them at it!”

After a speedy tour of the ladies’ tent, which was quite smaller than the boys’, though without the scent of cats, Harry, Ron, and Hermione activate across the campsite with the kettle and saucepans.