Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Audiobook

– The rumors of Voldemort having a baby which not being stopped by the ministry? Stupid. The ministry would have stopped panic regarding Associate in Nursing heir being attainable. conjointly Voldemort was planned while not love. He ne’er cared regarding having Associate in Nursing heir as a result of he needed to be in power. Associate in Nursing heir would are competition for him. Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Book PDF.
– a lot of thereon purpose. Bellatrix pregnant. She would have favourite to mother the Dark Lords child; there would are no bigger honor. But. This doesn’t work with the first time line. Bella isn’t pregnant, she fights at the battle. and so the gang goes to Malfoy manor there’s no baby visible . And if. IF. Voldemort would have needed Associate in Nursing heir; wouldn’t he have created it a horcrux and offered it a lot of protection?
– Sexual tension between Scorpious and Albus. nevertheless Albus contains a crush on metropolis and Scorpious on liliaceous plant. I feel like either they ought to are opened regarding their romantic feels towards one another or this could haven’t been enclosed.
– The flashbacks/dreams Harry has. once Dudley is mentioned (yay!) and you discover out flower is dead. i do know she was horrifying however I do suppose Harry would have deep feelings regarding his mother’s sister passing. I likable the blanket half.
– Bellatrix husband somehow got out of Azkaban and raised metropolis. however did he escape Azkaban? as a result of there’s no manner he got pardoned. thus however did he escape? And once escaping however was there no alarm over him escaping. Sirius Black escapes and therefore the freaking muggle minister is alerted! Then there’s a colossal prisonbreak and it’s everywhere the daily prophet. But hey, this guy World Health Organization tortured the Longbottoms into psychopathy he escapes and it’s cool. Yeah, sounds legit. Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Audiobook Online Free Download.
– The new prophecy. 1st of all: however did it happen with nobody knowing regarding it except metropolis. World Health Organization created it? It’s sounding a lot of and a lot of as if this witch convinced herself that she is that the heir of the dark lord.
– Cedric. Cedric a personality World Health Organization was noble and smart and died OH thus tragically. This character World Health Organization was loyal and type and helped Harry turns DARK SIDE?!?! as a result of HE LOSES THE CUP. WHAT?!?! CEDRIC A DEAD EATER HAHAHAHA NOPE NOT FUNNY. many thanks for turning a decent character and fully dynamic him for the more serious. convey goodness you probably did not embody Sirius Black in your play.
– thereon same characters dynamic note. The tramcar lady…. Hm. i will be able to simply leave it at that.
– Polyjuice potable. That s*** takes a month to create. I scan the chamber of secrets. Many times. It takes Associate in Nursing effing month. And you would like a chunk of the person you’re becoming. however wait not, here I got some polyjuice potable here in my back pocket and that i simply happen to hold my daddy and his best friends hairs in the least times. thus let’s turn out to be them and forced the lock the ministry.
– Btw that potable isn’t necessary as a result of you’ll be able to transfigure an individual’s. Seven books which ne’er came out. should be terribly dark magic. Download Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Book PDF.
– On the dark magic note. Harry duels metropolis (a eighteen year old) and she or he is stronger? Um. will we not recall Harry being a youngster and he beat Voldemort. His wand is that the s***. thus yea however will this even build sense?
– The no sugar diet. WHAT. seems like one thing film Ginny would do, not book Ginny.


Huge Harry Potter fan– sixteen years of reading!! thus i used to be unbelievably excited for the new one. I keep curious if there is a medical care cluster wherever all the dissatisfied fans will congragate and cry along. i am conjointly refusing to think about in cannon because it wasn’t JKR herself World Health Organization enclosed. What they did to the INTEGRITY of those characters. i am sick over it. the complete seven book series was regarding friendly relationship, love and loyalty, and Harry knew that; and most significantly, knew that is what created him completely different from V. you are telling ME, he, Ron and statue did not still live and insert those values in their children? Rose was a bully, World Health Organization was prejudice against somebody while not knowing them 1st. Harry would ne’er aforementioned he needed his child wasn’t his, or sacrificed his kid’s solely friendly relationship over gosip. Harry would not have choosen beat time along with his family, that finally he’d been through WAS ALL HE EVER needed. Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Audiobook Online Free.